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Thank you thank you for everything you did for my first baby! It was everything I dreamed of. <3 My Baby Shower was AMAZING!

Ashley Bailey

I loved my wedding. The way you wanted to make sure we were taken care of. You put us first before your own perfection.

Justin Parson

Great customer service. Very patient, and great attention to detail.

Katherine Parson

The Patience and compassion to make our wedding day so special. Thank you we appreciated everything you did for us during our wedding planning process and wedding!!! Great Costumer service

Shanay Greene

I’m not happy unless my clients are happy, working day and night to guarantee their satisfaction, and making sure their vision for the event is realized in the final result. I’ve been receiving kind reviews and feedback for many years now, and I am pleased to share with you the wonderful things that has been said about Essential Weddings.

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